Lost in the Fog

I’ll try to write this post and maybe others in english ‘cause of many foreign friends of mine. Finally, on Sunday I landed in the foggy Milan and of course I was happy to see my parents, but extremely sad for all the beauty and the happiness I left in Belgrade (or Beograd, as you like it).

At first I was a bit shaked for the terrible air-pockets during the flight, the non-stop hostel roll and shocked for all the money I had to spend and I damned the day when I decided to catch a flight for Serbia! But..


I fell in love with the city, so amazing, so ancient and contemporary at the same time. And mostly I fell in love with the people, so easy, so open, so smiling, so different from the coldness and the distrust typical of the italian people. I know, perhaps I shouldn’t speak ill of Italy ‘cause is the country in which I live, but when you move to another conutry It’s easier to see your home downside. And I travelled a lot and see many places so I have a bit of grudge with Italy, I’m sorry:) .

In west Europe there is a common thinking about est Europe: economically disadvantaged, torn by conflicts and poor. The first impression I had from the taxi was a midway country between a war place and one projected to the future, like young branches growing from a tree destroyed by lightning. I like so much their way of thinking and living and It’s strange to see people of 30 years that behave like normal men and women and you totally forget the fact that these same people have lived on their own skin the war. Most of all I love the simple idea of the life they have…A beer and two laughters along the river leaving every problem beside.

I learnt many things during this week, about me and about serbian people, this is a brief summary:

– forget the idea of the “Italian do it better” or the “Mediterranean beatuy”… they are better!

-all the people are tall, slim, ahtletic, with beautiful eyes… too much for my weak heart 🙂

-they identify us with 70’s popular italian music or traditional songs like “Volare” (what a nice opinion!) or Laura Pausini (which is even worse)

-I definitively hate Krauti!

-probably the mosquitoes here have been modified by the water pollution because I have thousands of huge painful red spots on my legs

-It’s hard to eat pasta with pesto as first dish and then pizza

-the professors there are young, full of ideas and aboslutely cool

-there are many chances for young people to find their way and the opportunity to express their talent

-1 taxi on 10 has not air conditioning and, listen to me, with 43°C there must be air conditioning

-the change Eur/Dyn is not at all convinent and the prices (exept for the beer) are the same of Italy, but the salary isn’t enough (400 euro/per month)

-the flight are very expensive so people have few chances to go abroad

-I learnt be less stressful and stressed and accept the unexpected obstacles and the difficulties with a smile instead of a  hysterical scream

Return in my little sleeping dead city was a shock for me and I understand my mother that comes from Istanbul and her sense of breatheless. I want to say thank you to all the people that have made all of this possibile, for the things they teached to me and I really hope to see  them and this amazing city again one day.

I’m trying to send away this feelings of nostalgia and sadness but it is hard.


4 pensieri su “Lost in the Fog

  1. As I read the brief summary of your Serbian adventures, I decided that my next travel destination is going to be Beograd. Well, not literally, as I have already made other plans for this summer, but I definitely hope to visit this hype place!

    And, above all, welcome back! 😉


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