This is how it was.

This is how it was. Eda and El coupled in the darkness, but he did not find favor with her. Then she gave birth to the land, and the outrush of her waters which accompanied that birth was the sea. The land was shapeless, clay and still, until Eda took it in her hands. One at a time, she molded the runes of her secret name, and El’s too did she fashion. She spelled out the god name with the God’s Runes, setting them in careful order in the ocean. And all this El watched.

But when he would have taken up clay of his own to fashion his own runes, Eda would not give any over to him. “You gave me but a rush of fluid from your body as seed to make all this. The flesh of it came from me. So take back only what was yours to start with, and be content with it.”

El was little content with that. So he made for himself men, and gave them ships and put them on the sea’s face. Laughing to himself, he said, “There are too many for her to watch them all. Soon they will walk on her land and shape it to my liking, so it spells my name instead of hers.”

But Eda had already thought before him. And when El’s men came to land, they found Eda’s women, already walking on it and ordering the growing of fruit and grain and the proliferation of the cattle. And the women would not suffer the men to shape the lands, nor even to abide on them for long.

Instead, the women said to the men, “We will let you give us the brine of your loins, with which we will shape flesh to follow ours. But never will the land that Eda bore belong to your sons, but only to our daughters.”


Fool’s Fate – The Tawny Man trilogy, Robin Hobbs

____ . ____

Ok. I’ve been MIA for how long – two years? I can’t even stand to go back and see when my last post was written. Such a shame.
I don’t recognize this WordPress anymore haha! So much cooler than the one I started with that I realized that this blog is not connected to its FB page anymore (why did I created a dedicated FB page is still a mystery to me).
Is this a bad thing? I erased my FB account (personal) and my twitter account. I plunged in an underworld of darkness (for some people). Disconnected. Fallen out of radar. Forgotten. (?)

Who cares.

Honestly, is always the same old broken record: if you care about me, you’ll find the way to reach me out, if not means I am not important to you.
Everyone gets this but no one has the guts to try it for real.
Well peeps let me tell that it’s true. People forget about you if you are not on their homepage: the don’t “like” you anymore (and perhaps they don’t actually like you anymore!), the don’t envy your holiday pics/eschatological quotes/pinterest-recycled witty vision of the world anymore.

You are free.

For some it might be scary, for me was consequential.
All at once I decided to quit my job, quit my adopted Country, home and go.
My boyfriend was sucked in this frenzy and he still doesn’t regret it and still is at my side – which is prodigious and rare and precious.
It was the right thing to do anyway and I soon realized how unique this experience was; I didn’t want to flatten and cheapen it by spattering it online, retouching pictures, cool ashtags, or simply tell people what I was doing and how I was feeling. It was mine, it was ours and the fellow travelers we met will remember us and the time we shared together.

Because of this, as of now only few are privy to that time and have listened to our stories, not sure why, I never asked and is better off this way.

So a new era is started and a lot has changed, but this blog has always followed me in one way or another, hence I picked it up again.
This time in English as my written Italian has become rusty to the point of genuine shame!

I wanted to restart with a quote from a series of books I am reading since a while (see the above italic passage).
I feel we are on the same page on this matter, the author and I.
You might infer I am a harsh feminist, which I am not, but you can get a glimpse of what I think of patriarchy (a hint: absolute bullshit is the answer).

Contact me if you want to discuss the wonderful Robin Hobb’s books as I have just approached the Fool’s Fate after having read the first trilogy (The Farseer’s Trilogy).

Ad maiora!
(Some things never change, aye!)






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